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What is the best way to fire a narcissist employee?

What is the best way to fire a narcissist employee?

Working with a narcissist can be a pain in the ass especially covert narcissists since they always act as victims, they don’t take responsibility of any of their mistakes, they always blame someone else especially in the work place.

If you want to fire a narcissist you need to be aggressive

Narcissist are extremely toxic, they are like cancer, and if you want to get rid of cancer you need to be very aggressive.

If you want to get rid of cancer, you cannot talk to it nicely and ask it to behave because cancer doesn’t listen, it kills.

Same thing as narcissist’s employees, they don’t listen but the only thing they do is to act as victims and try to manipulate other employees.

So, what is the best way to get rid of a narcissist employee?

First of all, you need to know that you are not dealing with a reasonable employee, you are dealing with a very toxic person who doesn’t listen and who will try to manipulate you in to giving them a second chance.

A work place is like a garden, as a person who is in charge you need to clean weeds out of the garden in order for the plants to grow faster.

If you want to have peace in the work place than getting rid of a narcissist is by far the best thing you can do for the company in order for it to grow.

In order for the company to grow, you need to do some ugly things very good behind close doors.

Two things you are going to need when firing a narcissist

  • You will need to have balls, don’t feel sorry for them no matter how hard they try to manipulate you in to giving them another chance, they are extremely good when it comes to making people feel sorry for them.
  • Follow the rules, you need to follow your company laws, make sure you are firing them for a good reason, make sure they done something wrong that you can use against them.

One of the ugliest things you will ever have to do is to fire someone.

As a leader, as a boss, as a CEO, as a manager, firing people is not easy and it much harder to fire a narcissistic person.

Don’t fire them just because they are narcissist, you need to have a valid reason why you are firing them, just incase they try to take you in court. You will need to have something to use against them in court just incase they want to take legal actions against you or the company.

So. let get to the point, how to fire a narcissist without causing drama?

I have my own company, right now I have about 19 employees, I have hired a lot of people and also have fired a lot of people, some of my previous employees were narcissists that is why you will need to do exactly what I tell you.

Take their C.V and try to contact their previous employers to find out if the narcissist left or got fired.

If the previous employer tells you that they fired the narcissist, then ask them what strategy did they use to fire the narc and try to use the same strategy as well.

It better to ask their previous employer what to do since they’ve already dealt with the narcissist before.

What if you can’t contact their previous employer?

Do a background check, gather all of the mistakes that they’ve done while working for you because you are going to need a valid reason to fire them just incase the narc tries to take some legal actions against you.

What If you don’t have a valid reason to fire your narcissist or what if you don’t have anything to use against them?

Then you are going to need to fire them gently.

The goal is to fire them gently, what do I mean fire them gently?

A narcissist is a monster, you can hurt them but they also can hurt you too.

Don’t bash them, don’t yell at them, don’t threaten them, don’t shout at them, just talk to them nicely and tell them that, *Mr/Mrs narcissist I’m sorry but we have to let you go*.

Then the narcissist is going to ask you *why*?

Then you need to reply calmly and gently, tell them that we are letting you go just because in the past few months, you have not been performing well and the board have decided to let you go.

You need to get to the point, but make them believe that this is a business decision, it nothing personal.

This is exactly what you need to Say to your narcissist employee:

Hey, this is not working out. I don’t like firing people but we have decided to let you go, it nothing personal.

The narcissist may be shocked and get angry immediately after firing them.

You need to be ready for the narcissist rage… they may yell, shout and even may break things… if they do that, use that against them.

The narcissist may ask you, why are you firing me? What did I do? I thought I was doing a great job.

When the narc is on the rage mode or angry, do not try to defend yourself, just relax and look them in the eye and say *I’m sorry but we have already made the decision, we are letting you go*.

Stay firm. Don’t defend yourself, this is not a debate, you have already made the decision.

Be gently, be clear, go straight to the point and stay firm… don’t raise your voice and yell, just relax and talk gently.

Do not acknowledge their feelings, don’t feel sorry for them because they will use that against you by trying to manipulate you in to giving them a second chance.

Make sure they get fired by the person who hired them, if you are the one that hired the narc than it your responsibility to fire narc.

If the narc was hired by your business partner than it your partners job to fire the narc, this makes things a little bit easier when firing a narcissist employee.

If you hired them then don’t give your dirty work to somebody else, it your job to fire the narc if you are the one who hired the narc.

You need to take charge and have balls to do what right for you and the company.


I have been abused and manipulated by narcissists all my life, I’m a full supporter of exposing them and getting justice or revenge if the evidence can be brought forward.

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