Pothos vs philodendron which is better?

Pothos vs philodendron which is better?

If you are a House plant beginner and wondering which one between these two is better, then this article will help you get the right plant for your place.

If you are a lazy person and don't know anything about plants then a pothos may be better for you simply because it easy to care for and beautiful at the same time... it will make your place very cozy plus it won't give you any allergies.

These plants are very similar, I thought I had a jade pothos, and bought a golden pothos, but new color has variegation splashes. So I checked an app which told me it was philodendron... that how confusing these plants can be.

What good about the pothos is that they won't give you any problems such as Itchy and watery eyes, Sneezing, A runny nose, Coughing, Blocked sinuses, or Fatigue... It safe and easy to care for.

If you have kids or pets then pothos is exactly what you should get...

Please note: I don't have anything against philodendron, but I honestly think that pothos is way better.

Hi everybody, my name is Jonathan, in today's article, I'm going to talk about the differences between the pothos vs philodendron. and I'm also going to recommend what I believe is the best between these two.

I will try my best to explain which one is the best for people who are not really sure which one to choose from.

A lot of people think that these two plants are just interchangeable names for the same plant which is not true...

Based on my personal experience, I've always noticed the pothos stand up more and the philodendrons seems to just lay more in the pot.

Most Philodendron leaves look (to me) like they are dripping, very gracefully. Philodendron leaves are like satin and call to me to pet them and I do! Neon is my favorite. They look and feel so soft and they are thinner.

If you are not interested in reading my full article, then I will just go straight to the point, based on my own personal experience, I personally think that the Pothos is a lot better than the philodendron simple because the Pothos is great for beginner gardeners plus it can handle low light conditions that is why it great for people who are looking for a cute house plant.

I don’t know why... in my mind I feel like the philodendrons are classier. I have the golden and the N-joy pothos and I love them but the philodendrons I have are higher up the totem.. and for no particular reason, I’m sad I feel that way.

Philodendron needs a little more light than pothos to be happy.

Both these plants are two of my favorites

Both are incredibly common, easy to care for, and are very low-maintenance house plants.

When you first see these two beautiful plants, you can easily think that they are the same simply because they have a similar look, they both lush green, low light tolerant vining plants, they both have similar care requirements, when it comes to light soil temperature, humidity and more.

The pothos is better because it is the Easiest Houseplant to Care For

  • Give the pothos some time and lots of sunlight and it will start rooting within 2-3 weeks!
  • My sister doesn't know anything about House plants, well she got a pothos and it survived even my sister care, that is why I think it best for beginner gardeners.
  • Another thing that I do that makes my pothos happy is that I like to give it water leftover from boiling veggies and sometimes coffee grounds... as long as no salt is in the water it works really well thanks to the added nutrients from the food.
  • Pothos loves sunlight, but it is also good for those people who are living in tiny apartments without windows... I've had these in both bright, indirect light, and in a dark room with one window located under an overhang of a deck. They are tough plants! they can survive even in rooms without sunlight. they can take just about anything!
  • If you are renting a tiny apartment and only have a spot to put one plant then you should get a pothos because it is very doable and they’re so pretty!
  • Believe it or not but you can grow pothos from seeds, they are not propagated by cuttings only... seeds available
  • If you are living in a State that is always cold then pothos is what you get, but I would recommend Neon pothos because it is Really bright and vibrant during winter!
  • Another thing that I really love about the pothos is that it is okay if you mix varieties in one pot, I just got a Silver Pothos and have 3 golden cuttings, the combo looks interesting and extremely stylish

Pothos is better because there are a lot of different varieties to choose from

  • Marble queen pothos
  • Neon pothos
  • N'Joy pothos
  • Satin pothos
  • Golden pothos
  • Cebu blue pothos
  • Pearls & ​Jade pothos
  • Manjula (Harlequin) pothos
  • Silver satin pothos

Please note: well-draining cactus soil does not work with the pothos plant, if you want your pothos plant to last you years, then you need to put it on a more water-retentive mix (this is very important)

When I lost my daughter, I got a whole bunch of plant arrangements. I knew nothing about plants then, so everything had died, except for this 1 leaf of pothos that my mom propagated in a little vase of water.

I was so afraid to lose it and so I never touched it. That 1 leaf and a bunch of roots survived for 3 years that is why I think pothos is a little bit better than the philodendrons.

I moved to New York a few months ago, I got a golden pothos as a gift from my dad and she’s my first house plant since I moved to New York City and I’m obsessed with her and she makes me so happy, and she’s so beautiful and green and she’s growing so fast and she’s finally digging her Ariel roots from her vines inside her planter she’s my baby.

What is my favorites pothos plant?

My favorite is Pearls & ​Jade pothos. Im a sucker for variegation that can reach the whitest of whites and the deepest of greens.

This one has little to no yellow and actually reaches pure white. Lovely shades of green from deep to lime and whites from pure to cream. You can really see the 3 layers of color in the leaves and where they overlap to change the shading.

I found mine online at Amazon and was dirt cheap...

Instead of being a single established plant, it’s about 6 well-rooted and 4 unrooted cuttings.

The medium it came in was not ideal, 100% compost (zero drainage & supersaturated... healthy compost, though) once repotting was done... pure joy. It arrived a day early and well packaged. If you get one, just report it right away...

lots of negative reviews I read were from people that kept it in the nursery pot and didn’t understand why it slowly died.

How long does it take for a pothos till it trails?

Based on my own personal experience, a couple of months and it'll start to go

The benefit of having a pothos plant

  • The first benefit we have here is that it is a low maintenance plant
  • It does well in a variety of conditions
  • It is easy to propagate, propagating a pothos is one of the easiest things compared to other house plants, all you need to do is to -just take six to twelve inches of cutting and snip off the lower leaves then place this cutting in clean water and change the water once a week
  • It grows without sunlight, what more can you really ask for? pothos can grow without direct sunlight, it is a forgiving houseplant that grows even in low lighting and drought-like conditions in a cool temperature
  • These plants will show less variegation and slow growth but they won't die, although the leaves are soft, the plant is extremely tough
  • Another huge benefit of having a pothos as your houseplant is that it is the best purifying house plant available on the market right now...
  • Pothos is very apt at removing toxins from the surrounding air, according to the clean air study by NASA, the pothos plant removes pollutants
  • Another benefit of having a pothos house plant is that it increases humidity, so humid air can protect you from cold and influenza as viruses can transmit easily
  • In moist air, it also keeps your skin hydrated, what more can you really ask for? this is another reason I personally think that the pothos plant is better than the Philodendron when it comes to houseplants.
  • The pothos plant is a trading plant, It can be trained to grow on almost anything
  • The special feature of this house plant is that you can have it as a trialing or climbing houseplant, whatever suit you
  • It is a versatile plant

How to take care of your pothos, care tips to make it last longer

  • Do not overwater your pothos, overwatering is the number one killer of pothos, because it can lead to the growth of microbial pathogens, attract pests and lead to root rot
  • Wait for the soil to completely dry before watering, there are many different ways that you can check signs that the soil in your pothos is already completely dry. you can use a moisture meter, if you don't have a moisture meter, just use your finger, you can just stick your finger into the soil and dig it in, make sure to try to stick it as far as you can
  • Sometimes, your pothos will tell you when it needs water, if the leaves are starting to curl, then that means that the soil is completely dry and your pothos needs watering
  • Please note: pothos can withstand underwatering but they cannot stand overwatering, so make sure to not overwater it if you want it to last you for years
  • So when it comes to actually watering your pothos, they are not very picky with the type of water you use, you don't have to use distilled or filter water in order to take care of them... it is very okay to use tap water.. any type of water will work, the pothos is not very picky
  • If you are living in an apartment that doesn't have windows, well I would advise you to take your pothos outside when it's sunny, just to give it some extra light, you can do this once or twice a month... you don't have to do it every day because pothos can thrive under any type of light, from low light to indirect bright light and it can even thrive under fluorescent light.
  • If you are putting your pothos in a windowless room, just make sure it is underneath or close to a light source, you can even put it under a lamp... it is also very possible to grow pothos underneath a lamp
  • Make sure to also clean the leaves of your pothos, if you are not lazy, you can also wipe them down using a clean cloth, but if your pothos gets too big, it kind of really hard to wipe it since it gets tedious.
  • Another great tip is, make to mist them, which is something I do to all my pothos, just give them misting... misting means, just take a clean empty spray bottle, put a water tap on it, and just spray your pothos once in two weeks... this is to get rid of any build-up dust or any debris that might prevent your pothos from properly photosynthesize.
  • Another thing most people don't do is, do proper washing, you can wash them on your kitchen sink by using a showerhead... i've done this plenty of times and it works like magic.

As I've said, I think that Pothos is better than philodendron, but this is all based on my personal experience since I've had both these houseplants for a few years.

Even though I like the pothos way more, there are also some things that I love about the philodendron...

Why do I prefer the pothos over the philodendron?

  • Philodendron leaves and stems are considered toxic to both humans and pets, if ingested it is highly irritating to the mouth, throat, and gastrointestinal, so be careful if you have noticed that your child or pets have consumed some of the leaves from your Philodendron plant.
  • If your child or pets eat one of the Philodendron leaves, you will notice drooling, vomiting, or decrease appetite, welling blisters, and a whole bunch of things, so if you have pets or small babies, I would highly recommend that you get the pothos just because it not dangerous as the Philodendron.
  • If you suspect that your child has eating one of the Philodendron leaves then you definitely should contact the posing control center right away or take them to the hospital or veterinary clinic... this plant is nice but I don't recommend it to people who have never had a house plant before...
  • There are over 100 different types of philodendron plants to choose from, this is great but it can be very hard to choose one when there are over 100 types of philodendron plants, that is why I like pothos more simple because it has about 7 different types that you can choose from, over choice or choice overload is not good because it will make it difficult to a make a simple decision when faced with many options
  • Philodendron are so unique and have beautiful varieties and they are also very easy to care for and their care requirements are easy to manage indoors, the problem that I have with this plant is that they prefer bright but indirect light, this means finding a place near a window where the plant isn't going to receive any direct sun rays through the window (that is pretty important) that is why I think that the pothos is better
  • Another thing to note is that philodendron is not really good for beginner gardeners who are looking for a houseplant simple because if it gets too much direct sun exposure from the window, the leaves turn yellow or lighten in color, if you put it near the window, make sure the curtains are blocking the direct sun rays or just keep them eight to ten feet back from the windows so it not getting anything direct
  • It doesn't grow very well when it gets too much sunlight but it also won't grow nicely when it not getting enough sunlight, it will begin to grow in leggy, it will be discolored or it will besmaller... it kind of complicated for beginner gardeners.
  • I like philodendron as well but it best for people who have some type of experience with house plants or else they will die
  • A lot of different factors play into the amount of water the philodendron will need such as temperature, humidity, heat, how much light it gets in a day, it just complicated, it prefers to be watered once the first 2 to 3 inches of the soil is dry. that is why I will never recommend this houseplant for first-timers or beginner gardeners.
  • Philodendron plants prefer airy soil, so if you want this plant, you need to make sure that the soil is rich in organic materials, you will need to buy s black/gold all-purpose potting soil mixed with some orchid bark, perlite, or pumice, and then also peat moss... this plant is just too complicated for most people that is why I will always recommend the pothos.
  • The Philodendron doesn't do well in temperatures under55 degrees Fahrenheit, if your house happens to be 55 degrees or lower for like a day the putt will probably be fine but if you are keeping it in temperature long-term, you will notice stunted growth or discoloration
  • The Philodendron prefers sixty to eight degrees Fahrenheit, these plants also prefer humidity, so if you are living in one of the lowest humidity State you need to know that your plant won't grow as quickly as it should... it won't die because of low humidity, it will survive but it won't grow as quickly as it should... that is another reason I believe that the pothos is much better than the Philodendron.
  • One of the things that I love about the Philodendron is that they are very easy to propagate
  • Do I regret buying the Philodendron plant?

    Not really simple because it was cheap... I didn't lose any money, so I honestly didn't regret buying it, but I honestly would never buy it again just because the pothos is much better when competing the two.

    I don't want to sound like I hate Philodendron plants, these are great plants that is why they are popular around the world, but based on my own personal experience, spending my time taking care of it wasn't worth it because I really didn't enjoy the experience as it was kind of complicated.

    Taking care of a Philodendron plant takes a lot of practice and a lot of research...

    What if you prefer Philodendron over pothos?

    Well, I will try to give you an in-depth guide to Philodendron care to make sure that it doesn't die... these specific tips can be actually applied to all types of Philodendron plants...


    When it comes to the Philodendron plant, the most important thing to note is that it hates too much direct light and a lot of things can affect water consumption.

    If you put the plant near a window that constantly gets direct sunlight or if you boost it to more light then the water consumption will go up... you need to be prepared for that.

    In winter the Philodendron doesn't need as much water because they are just not getting as much light, so they cant basically process what they're being given, this is the reason why most Philodendron plants get over waters in winter because people are still watering them the same amount than they would in the summer months.

    So when is it good to water your Philodendron?

    They should be watered only when they need water... they shouldn't be water on a set or a day of the week, Philodendron plants don't work like that.

    Please note: water consumption in Philodendron plants depends on a varies of conditions in your home or just the general weather.

    If the Philodendron is pushing out a new leave, water consumption will go up, if the day gets hotter than usual water consumption will go up, or if it gets too hot then the water in the soil will evaporate much faster, so those are the things you need to know so you won't underwater it.

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Gardening is one of the most rewarding hobby and passion a person can have.

All information in our articles comes from my 2 years experience of taking care of plants, flowers and gardens.

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