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How do covert narcissists express narcissist rage?

How do covert narcissists express narcissist rage?

How do covert narcissists express narcissist rage? Do they even go on rage? Well the simple answer to that is yes, covert narcs also rage but they do it differently than overt narcissists.

Covert narcissist will only express rage when they are alone with their victim.

Covert narcissists generally don’t physically abuse victims, but they will accuse and shame you… this another form of manipulation.

Covert narcissist are master manipulators, they generally won’t yell at the victim, but they try to manipulate the victim by guilt shaming.

Coverts are extremely good when it comes to abusing their victims emotionally. That is how they express their rage.

Covert narcissists are definitely not the same, some coverts do yell and some do break things but 90% percent of covert narcs will go on a rage silently.

Coverts narcissists don’t rage in public

Coverts rage on close doors, their first priority is to protect their status, they don’t want to be seen angry that is why they only rage when they are alone with their victims.

Most covert narcissists suffer in silence, they rage by stabbing you behind your back.

  • They will manipulate you by guilt shaming you
  • They will try to find a way to blackmail you
  • They will stab you behind your back
  • They will make their friends believe that you are the one who is wrong
  • They wont talk to you for days or even weeks
  • They ignore your text or your calls

What are common things a covert narcissist does when he/she is on rage mode?

When a covert narcissist is angry with you, they will give you silent treatment…

Silent treatment is got to be by far the most common tactic they use when they are angry with their victims.

Covert are masters when it comes to silent treatment, they can ignore you for weeks and discard you within a blink of an eye.

Covert narcissists move on very quickly, they are covert which means they are kind of introverts, they don’t mind being alone most of the time.

When a covert is angry with you, they will mostly discard you within seconds until you beg them to take you back.

Go covert narcissists yell or break things when they are on the rage mode?

Not really… these guys suffer in silence, they wont express how they feel most of the time… they generally suffer in silence that is why they suddenly give you silent treatment.

How do most covert narcs express their rage?

First of all. you need to know that, when dealing with a covert, what you see is definitely not what you get…

What I mean is, they can act nicely even when they are on the rage mode, why? Because they are planning to stab you behind your back silently.

I have dealt with a lot of covert narcissists, trust me, they mostly don’t hell, fight and definitely wont break things just because they are angry.

These are the things a covert narc will do when they are angry with you.

  • They will work day and night to stab you behind your back, you wont even notice a single thing
  • They will stab you behind your back with a smile
  • They will give you silent treatment to make you emotionally stressed and wondering what the hell is going on
  • They won’t lose their temper in front of you, they are good when it comes to managing their emotions, if they accidentally swear, they will immediately apologies.
  • Image is everything to a covert narcissist, they care about their self-image, that is why they wont rage by yelling or breaking stuff around the house

Covert narcissists do not have balls to express rage Infront of their victims or even anyone for that matter.

Covert narcs do not like looking desperate, they don’t like to look powerless because they know that this makes them look vulnerable.

Covert narcissist wants to be control, generally 98% percent of narcissists are controlling freaks as this makes them feel powerful and superior.

What happens when you break up with a covert narcissist after a fight?

  • Well, they hold grudges forever
  • Just because you have broken up doesn’t mean they are done with you

Covert narcissists are extremely sneaky, you can’t even see when they are angry with you

Covert narcs are under the radar, they are sneaky and always stab people in the back.

Do covert narcissists have low self-esteem?

Not really, they are called covert for a reason, they work behind close doors, the only thing they know is how to manipulate people in to doing what they want.

They will appear to have low self esteem just to make people feel sorry for them rather than be annoyed.

They rage differently than other types of narcissists, they rage by making you believe that you have done something wrong, they make you believe that they are harmless so you can feel sorry for them while they are plaining to stab you behind your back with a smile on their face.

Do covert narcissists rage differently depending on their age or gender?

They don’t rage the same… but they all love *silent treatment*

When a covert narcissist gives you silent treatment just know that it is how they rage by ignoring you for days.

They love ignoring, withholding and punishing their victims in silence. Covert narcissists rarely raise their voice, they don’t even scream at you.

Why do covert narcissists rage in silent?

Because their self-image is by far the most important thing to them, they invested a lot of time in their *good person image*.

They wont shout or raise their voice simple because they care more about how they look.

Things to know about covert narcissists when they are silently angry with you

  • They stay stealth as much as possible even if you talk loud and shout at them, it doesn’t matter how angry they are they always try to keep their calm
  • They will be no more cuddling with your narcissist, they will be distant
  • No sex, they won’t have sex with you for days and sometimes for months

One thing you need to take away from this article:

A covert narcissist 99% percent of the time stays covert, they are like introverts.

They stay covert in all their tactics, it is very rare for them to physically abuse you or yell at you. They will always try to speak politely even when they are angry.

How do I know all this? Because I have dated about 4 narcissists and my mom n dad are covert narcs.

Most people used to call me a narcissist even though I’m not a narc, I was just raised by narcissists who made me think like them, act like them and also kind of behave like a narc.


I have been abused and manipulated by narcissists all my life, I’m a full supporter of exposing them and getting justice or revenge if the evidence can be brought forward.

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