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Do narcissists love or care about animals

Do narcissists love or care about animals

So, do narcissists love or care about pets? I’m not going beat around the bush, I’ll just go straight to the point…

Narcissist are not the same but most narcissist don’t like pets.

Narcissists love to manipulate people and always like to play victim, but they cannot manipulate dogs and cats that is why they hates animals.

A narcissist hates it when they can’t manipulate you, that is why they hate dogs and cats since pets cannot give them narcissistic supply.

Some narcissist cannot even love their own children, what makes you think that they can love animals?

Please note: narcissists are not the same, I’m pretty sure that there are a few narcs out there who like pets but 99% percent of narcs cannot stand animals.

How do I know this? Because I have lived with narcissists all my life.

My mom is a covert narcissist, my dad is also a covert narcissist and my older sister is the most narcissistic person I have ever known. They all hated my dog when I was still living at home.

Narcissist do not have unconditional love, they will only pretend to love someone if they are getting narcissistic supply from that person… pets cannot give them narcissistic supply that why they don’t give a damn about pets.

Right now I’m dating a narcissist and we have been living together for about a year… after moving in with her I immediately realized that she hated my dog.

When me and my narcissist girlfriend first met, she used to love my dog but things changed after a couple of months.

She pretended to love animals just because she knew that I love cats and dogs… She faked loving my dog just to manipulate me in to loving her.

Can dogs sense a narcissistic person?

I have a 2-year old German Shepherd and he is by far the sweetest dog I have ever own.

This may sound too good to be true: My dog loves to play and run around the house but he doesn’t play or run around the house when my girlfriend is home.

I honestly think that even my dog can sense that my girlfriend doesn’t like him because he only plays and run around the house when my girlfriend is at work.

I have been living with my narcissist girlfriend for over 13 months now and she always beg me to get rid of the dog…

If I ask her why should I get rid of the dog, she tells me that because the dog is damaging the hardwood floor.

I even bought dog nail caps for hardwood floors to make sure that he doesn’t scratch the floor but my girlfriend is still not happy.

One day she accidentally told me that she hates my dog, when I ask her why? She told me that it smells bad… which is not true, I bath my dog daily.

Do narcissists prefer dogs or cats?

Since my narcissist girlfriend hates my dog, I told her that I will get rid of the dog but only if she allows me to get a cat instead because I prefer having a pet at home.

She told me that, she doesn’t like cats because they are disgusting.

That was her exact words… these people don’t care about animals, because animals cannot give them narcissistic supply.

Do narcissists hate pets?

Yes, they do, but why? Simple because they can’t manipulate pets and pets also cannot give them narcissistic supply…

The only thing a narcissist cares about is getting narcissistic supply, they will only pretend to love your pets around you if you are their primary source of supply.

These people cannot love, even if you love them unconditionally, they will use you, play you, manipulate you and play victim when you try to confront them.

Caution: Do not waste your time by trying to confront a narcissist… it a waste of time.

Can you leave your pets with a narcissist?

Don’t ever leave your pets with a narcissist…

I have tried to ask my narcissist mother to baby sit my dog for two days when I took a two-day trip with my friends and she didn’t feed my dog for the whole time I was gone.

When I asked her why didn’t she feed the dog, she told me that she forgot.

How can you forget to feed a dog for two days? These people are crazy.

Last week my boss asked me to go to New York for him and the trip was going to take me about 2 days than I asked my girlfriend to look after the dog when I’m gone and she agreed.

When I came back, the dog was outside bucking in the rain… My dog was outside in the rain for hours and she didn't care.

I asked her why didn’t she open the door for the dog, and she told me that, it was not her job even though she agreed to look after the dog while I was gone.

Leaving your pets with a narcissist is very dangerous… these people lack empathy.

Do narcissists get along with pets?

Hell no… both my girlfriend and my dog hates each other.

This will sound crazy but… they really hate each other. They don’t get along very well.

I love them both, I cannot choose between the two… my dog is my best friend and my narcissist girlfriend is the love of my life lol… I honestly accepted the fact that they hate each other.

Is it possible for a narcissist to love pets?

To be honest with you, this is a very tricky question but I honestly believe that it is possible simple because narcissists are also human beings.

My boss is a narcissist and I’ve seen him treat his dog like royalty. He usually brings his dog at work twice a week.

But sometimes I think that my boss treats his dog like royalty just to get narcissistic supply from women at work since a guy who love pets is kind of adorable to women.

Sometimes I think that my boss pretends to love his dog just to get women, it kind of another form of manipulation.


I have been abused and manipulated by narcissists all my life, I’m a full supporter of exposing them and getting justice or revenge if the evidence can be brought forward.

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