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Do narcissists cry when someone dies

Do narcissists cry when someone dies

Do narcissists cry when someone dies? if they were getting narcissist supply from that family member or the person who have died, they definitely cry, why? because it means that their drug has been taken away from them.

They definitely won’t cry for someone they didn’t like...

But it all depends on how close they were with that person who have died.

Narcissist do cry when someone that they knew dies, but they only cry if they were getting narcissist supply from that deceased person.

If they have groomed that person to give them narcissist supply and the person dies, the narcissist will only cry because they know that grooming another person to give them narcissist supply is extremely hard.

Example: let say you are addicted to smoking and you cannot go a day without taking a smoke than the Government ban all the cigarette companies… how would you feel?

You will be angry not because the cigarate companies are gone, you will be angry only because you won’t be able to smoke again.

That how a narcissist feels when a friend or a family member dies.

Do narcissist cry when a close family member dies?

It all depends…

Most narcissist don’t get along with their family members because they are selfish and always play victim even when they are the ones who are wrong.

A lot of narcissist do not speak to most of their family members especially if that family member has once confronted them before about being narcissist.

My current girlfriend who I have been living with for over 6 months, she has never taken her phone to call her mom.

When I asked her why doesn’t she get along with her mother, she told me that her mom is a super selfish covert narcissist who always play victim.

She told me that her mom used to emotionally abuse her by giving her silent treatment for weeks.

We have been dating for about 13 months now and she has never talked to her mom over the phone since the day we moved in together. And we have been living together for over 6 months.

Some narcissist even hates their children, that how crazy some narcissistic people can be… they will refuse to say sorry even when they are totally wrong, they always play victim and they are extremely selfish.

The narcissist will only cry for the deceased family member only if they were getting narcissist supply.

So, if you see a narcissist crying on a funeral of a family member, just know that the deceased person was giving them some form of narcissistic supply.

Do narcissist cry when a close friend dies?

You need to know that when a narcissist mourns, he/she mourns as a narcissist.

They cry because they lost another of their supply not because they feel sorry for that person who have died.

The more you study narcissism the more you will start to think that narcissist don’t even have feeling…

Do narcissist feel anything when someone dies?

Not all narcissists are the same…

The only thing I can tell you is that some narcissists are extremely emotional…

Most people believe that narcissist do not feel anything, which is definitely not true.

Narcissist are also human beings, they do have feelings, they get angry and sad just like everyone.

If you want to understand narcissism more, the only thing you need to know is that you are dealing with a super selfish person, who only cares about what he/she is benefiting from a friendship or an intimate relationship.

Do narcissists fake tears when someone dies?

Well, narcissists are not the same… but most of them do fake tears a lot especially on funerals to get sympathy from other people which is another form of narcissistic supply.

Narcissists get very happy when they are the center of attention, some will fake tears in funerals just to get attention and comfort from others.

For an example, my sister in-law who is a narcissist cried when my brother died… but I soon realized that she was faking tears so we can feel sorry for her even when we knew that she was abusing my brother when he was still alive.

They were married for about 6 years and my brother almost complained about her daily.

These people are crazy… they are extremely selfish… I have dated about 3 narcissists and it was a living hell. They emotionally abuse you almost daily but play victims at the same time.

Do narcissists miss their close friends or family members who have died a long time ago.

Kind of… especially if that person was their primary supply.

My boss is a narcissist, almost all his employees hates him with passion…

One day when I was in his office, he told me that he sometimes misses his X wife who passed way about 2 years ago.

When I asked him, what did he miss about his x wife *he told me that she used to beg him even when he was the one who was wrong*.

He only misses his x wife because he used to manipulate her by playing victim even when he was the one who was wrong. That how selfish these people are.

Things that you need to know about narcissism when it comes to mourning a loss.

First of all, you need to understand that narcissism just means a lack of empathy.

That means narcissists will be unable to connect with their loss for selfish reasons.

Narcissist will cry for anyone who is their primary supply... not because they care about that person who have died, but only because their primary supply is gone.

How to know when a narcissist is faking tears on a funeral?

Well, it really hard to figure that out… but if you see them crying on a funeral just know that it because they were getting some form of narcissistic supply from the deceased person.


I have been abused and manipulated by narcissists all my life, I’m a full supporter of exposing them and getting justice or revenge if the evidence can be brought forward.

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