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Do narcissists cry at sad movies?

Do narcissists cry at sad movies?

Do narcissists cry at sad movies. yes they do, my girlfriend who is a narc cried a lot when we first watched Titanic together.

We need to understand that, narcissists are also human beings, they do have feelings.

A lot of people believe that narcissists do not feel anything which is not true.

Right now, I’m currently dating a narcissist and at first I thought that she didn’t feel anything until I started spending a lot of time with her.

My current girlfriend is extremely narcissistic, she is by far the most narcissistic person I have ever known.

After spending a lot of time with her, I started to notice that she does have feelings too but she doesn’t show any emotions because she doesn’t want to look vulnerable.

Most narcissists are very emotional and some are extremely sensitive.

My mom who also happens to be a covert narcissist also hides how she feels but she is what I call a master manipulator.

What does it mean if a narcissist cries at sad movies?

To be honest with you, it doesn’t mean anything. We are all emotional whether we are narcissistic or not.

There are a lot of sad movies I have watched which never made me cry and there are a few sad movies I have watched that made me cry.

Crying while watching a sad movie simple means, you are a human being, you are emotional and you do have feelings like every body else.

A friend of mine who happens to be an empath believes that narcissists do not feel anything, but that is not true.

Narcissists do have feelings, they also get angry and sad as well. They just hide it to protect them self’s from looking vulnerable.

Narcissistic people are like children, they want to look strong even when there is no need, that why it very hard to see a narcissist cry in public.

Some narcissist won’t even cry when one of their family member dies, do you know why? It simple because they want to look strong even when there is no need.

What does it mean when a narcissist cries a lot when watching sad movies?

Well, some movies are extremely good when it comes it making viewers emotional…

For example, Titanic. when I was watching it with my Current narcissist girlfriend, she cried a lot when jack died.

Why? Because she felt sorry for the guy when he died because of the cold water when the boat was sinking.

Crying over a sad movie really doesn’t mean anything though, it something you do not have to take serious.

Does it mean a narcissist is weak when they cry at sad movies?

Not really…

But most narcissists are emotionally week that is why they love attention and that is the reason why they cannot live without having some sort of emotional supply from friends, family or intimate partners.

People that cry when watching a sad movie are not weak, some movies are just too good to make you feel emotional.

A movie is supposed to make you feel emotional, it what it supposed to do, but some people don’t cry during movies and some do. that doesn’t make them narcissistic.

What sad movies are guaranteed to make most narcissists cry?

  • Toy Story 3
  • Beaches
  • The Note Book
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • Mr. Hollands Opus
  • The joy luck Club
  • Step Mom
  • Titanic
  • The Lion King
  • The Fault in our stars
  • The Hate U Give
  • The Pursuit of happiness
  • What Maisie Knew
  • Lion
  • Coco
  • Marley & Me
  • Steel Magnolias
  • My Girl
  • Other people
  • The Way we were
  • The color Purple
  • A Star is Born
  • If Beale street could talk
  • Selena

Those 24 movies I listed above are what I personally believe they can easily make a narcissists cry.

Are narcissists emotional? Yes they are..

Well, it a common myth that narcissists are not emotional, that is a lie, narcissists are extremely emotional, they just hide how they feel so they won’t look vulnerable.

I was raised by a narcissistic mother than moved in with my covert narcissists dad after I graduated than move with my extremely narcissistic grandmother.

Right now I’m dating a narcissists and she is by far the most narcissistic person I have ever known till this day and we have been dating for almost 13 months.

Everyone in this world has feelings, everyone get emotional at times…

No matter how strong a person may look, something or someone has made them cry.

Do narcissists love watching sad movies?

Some do some don’t…

My current girlfriend who always play victim loves to watch sad movies with me.

I think that she is getting some sort of narcissistic supply from me when we watch sad movies together because she likes to cuddle whenever we are watching a movie in bed.

Most narcissists don’t like to cuddle though, that why I’m pretty sure that I’m giving her some sort of narcissistic supply because she doesn’t like watching sad movies alone.

Narcissists and crying:

Some narcissists will cry or fake tears just to try to manipulate you…

Narcissists don’t like to cry because it makes them look powerless and I know a lot of narcissists who fake tears just to get what they want.

When me and my narcissist girlfriend first met, she used to fake tears as another form of manipulation… so you need to be very careful when a narcissistic person cries over nothing.

Most people will tell you that * narcissists are like children* do you know why? Because 99% percent of children use fake tears as another form of manipulation to get what they want from their parents.

Most female narcissists use fake tears and most male narcissists use silent treatment.

How do narcissists react when you cry?

Well, don’t waste your time… they will act as if they feel empathy for you but trust me they don’t.

Narcissists are by far the most selfish human beings on earth… they only care about getting narcissist supply.

They will definitely act as if they do feel your pain but trust me they don’t… some narcissists like to see you cry.


I have been abused and manipulated by narcissists all my life, I’m a full supporter of exposing them and getting justice or revenge if the evidence can be brought forward.

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