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Do narcissists quickly forget about their exes

Do narcissists quickly forget about their exes

Do narcissists quickly forget about their exes? the simple answer to that question is, yes they will quickly forget about you as soon as they find someone they think is better than you…


Because it is very easy to forget about a person that you never loved or cared about. It is only hard to let go of someone that you were deeply in love with…

Narcissist forget about their exes pretty easily simple because they were not in love, but they were in the relationship because of their own selfish reasons.

Most narcissists females will date a guy only if he has money and most narcissists guys will only date a woman for her looks.

Narcissist don’t fall in love easily...

It feels like they love you when you are dating them only because they pretend as if they love you so you can continue providing them with narcissistic supply.

Narcissist forget about their exes very easily

They were only with you because you were providing them with something, maybe you gave them shelter and maybe you gave them money.

As soon as they find someone better than you, they will leave within an instant, why? Because they didn’t love you in the first place.

It is hard to forget about your exe only if you were deeply in love.

Narcissist don’t just fall in love, but they will love bomb you just to make you feel special.

Narcissist are master manipulators, they can make you feel like you have found the one, they will make you feel special during the love bombing phase.

Don’t be fooled, narcissist get in to an intimate relationship only for their selfish reasons, they will date you if they are going to gain something by being with you.

Most narcissist females only care about finding a guy who has a lot of money and most narcissist males only care about dating a good-looking women only to show off in public.

Do narcissists really miss their exes?

Yes, they do, especially if the person they are currently with is not as good as their previous partner.

My exe girlfriend was a covert narcissist, she used to play victim all the time and always complained that I didn’t have enough money.

I did everything for her, I supported her and her child but she still didn’t appreciate me, she cheated on me about 13 times, but I kept forgiving her because I thought she was going to change.

Guess what? She never changed, she ended up leaving me for a guy who had more money than me…

When she left, I was so sad, angry and bitter…

After 4 months after we broken up, she sent me a text and told me that she misses me and she was sorry.

I gave her another chance, why? Because I was deeply in love with a narcissist lol. After dating for 2 weeks, she cheated on me again…

Do you know why did she come back to me? She came back only because the guy that she left me for lost his job and got bankrupt.

Don’t ever take your narcissist exe back, it a big big mistake.

Don’t make the same mistake that I did by taking back my narcissist exe because you are going to be very disappointed.

  • They are coming back because their current partner is not a good primary source as you were.
  • They want you back only because they want something from you.
  • They want you back because the grass is not greener on the other side.
  • They want you back because they have realized that, leaving you was a huge mistake, but guess what? They will leave you again as soon as they find someone better than you in their eyes.

Do narcissists come back to their exes?

Yes, 90% percent of narcissists do come back to their exes, why? Because the grass was not greener on the other side.

Taking your exe narcissist back is a huge mistake, don’t do it.

How long does it take for a narcissist to miss their previous exe?

Well, if you were dating a narcissist, just know that, they have never loved you.

So how long does it take for your narcissist exe to miss you? They will miss you as soon as things are not going well for them where they are.

Your narcissist exe will never delete your phone number. they will never get rid of your contact information, why? Because they know that one day they may need your help.

If you have your own place or you are financially stable, then your narcissist exe will always come back when things are not going well for them on their new relationship.

Narcissist change partners like a 3-year-old kid changing his/her mind about what they want. That is why most people will tell you that narcissists are like children.

Most narcissist do not think long time, they think like kids… they don’t think about the future… the only thing they care about is the *Now* .

Things that you need to know about your narcissist exe

  • They were dating you because you were someone they used
  • They were dating you because you gave them shelter
  • They were dating you because you were providing them with narcissist supply
  • They were dating you only because you supported them financially
  • They were dating you because you were there for their kids

Narcissist don’t really love, they love bomb just to emotionally get you attached so they can manipulate you as much as they want.

If your narcissist exe want you back… you need to block them on Facebook, WhatsApp and make sure to block their phone number.

Don’t respond just react… meaning don’t respond to what they say, just shut your mouth and block them on any social media.

Why does it feels like your narcissist exe doesn’t miss you?

At first, it will seem like your narc exe doesn’t miss you… why? because all their focus will be on love bombing their new partner.

Don’t worry about them, just focus on living your life…

love yourself and good things are going to happen for you... don’t be obsessed about your exe narcissist.

I know it hard but you need to move on.


I have been abused and manipulated by narcissists all my life, I’m a full supporter of exposing them and getting justice or revenge if the evidence can be brought forward.

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