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Do narcissist love to cuddle?

Do narcissist love to cuddle?

If you are in an intimate relationship with a narcissist, you may be wondering if they like to cuddle or not.

Well, the only thing I can tell you is that people are not the same, narcissist are also human beings.

A lot of people will tell you that narcissist do not have feelings, which is definitely not true.

99% percent of people do have feelings, we all want to feel loved whether we are narcissist or not.

So, do narcissistic people like to cuddle with their partners?

The simple answer to that is, yes they do but they will refuse to do it.

Why do narcissist refuse to cuddle most of the time?

Because, narcissists are extremely selfish, they don’t like giving pleasure to others but they will guilt trip you to give them what they want.

Narcissist are master manipulators, even if they would like to spend time with you, they will try to act like they don’t.

But why?

Because narcissist love attention, they love being chased… they feel good when you beg them for attention.

As soon as you bed a narcissist for anything, just know that you are giving them supply.

Narcissist are not all evil like most people say… they just crave and care about narcissistic supply.

What is narcissistic supply?

Well, this simple means that, you are their drug…

Most people who are addicted to smoking cannot go a day without a smoke, which means they temporary feel good after they have smoked.

Which means, you are your narcissist drug, they cannot go a day without a little drama…

Narcissist love drama, they can’t go a day without some little drama.

So, why do most narcissist don’t like to cuddle with their partners?

Most narcissist train them self’s to be not touchy feely with anyone, why? Because they get hurt extremely easy.

Narcissist try to protect them self's from getting too touchy feely with their partners because they are very scared of getting hurt.

A person who have told you that a narcissist doesn’t get hurt or a narcissist doesn’t have feelings was lying to you.

Narcissist are very sensitive but they hide it… that why most narcissist are called covert narcissist, because they hide how they feel and try to manipulate you emotionally with a smile on their face.

Most narcissist don’t like to cuddle, I noticed that with about 3 of my x girlfriends who were extremely narcissistic.

9 Signs your narcissist partner doesn’t like to cuddle:

  • If you want to spend quality time with your narcissist partner, he/she always have dumb excuses to not spend time with you
  • Your partner is always busy
  • They want to leave after you are done having sex
  • They don’t like to sleep over
  • They always tell you that they are tired
  • If you want to cuddle, they always tell you that maybe next time
  • If you want to have sex, they always tell you that they are tired and don’t feel like it
  • Your partner always tells you that they’ve got something to do
  • They never cuddle with you when it’s time for bed

Why do most narcissist refuse to cuddle with their partners?

Because love to play hard to get… this makes them feel powerful… this is another form of narcissistic supply.

Does your narcissist partner make you feel like he/she doesn’t love you because they never cuddle with you? This is exactly what they want you to feel.

They want you to feel this way so you can try harder and beg for their attention.

Please note:

Some people love to cuddle, some people think that even little cuddling is clingy and some people don’t like to cuddle at all but that doesn’t make them narcissist.

Does it mean a narcissist loves you if they cuddle with you?

No, not really…

The fact that your narcissist lover does cuddle with you, that absolutely doesn’t mean that they love you.

How to convince a narcissist to cuddle with you?

Well, narcissist are different, so. This may work for you and maybe it won’t… but it better to try.

6 steps to convince a narcissist to cuddle with you:

  • Set up a comfy place for just the two of you
  • Sit next to your partner and try to hold their hand, make sure to smile
  • Touch your narcissist lightly to break the touch barrier, there is a chance that your narcissist is feeling nervous as you
  • If they seem to not respond just ask, there nothing wrong with being open about how you feel
  • Do not push the issue if your narcissist seems like they are uncomfortable…
  • Just be straight forward and ask… you don’t need to be shy… narcissist have feelings too

If you love to cuddle but your narcissist doesn’t and it is important to you than I’m sorry to tell you that you need to reconsider the relationship…

If your needs for affection are not being fellfield and you are not happy than it better to just leave.

I know it not easy leaving someone that you deeply love but sometimes you just have too.

Please note: narcissist people are human beings too…

If they don’t like to cuddle, you need to respect their decision.

Physical touch is very important in a relationship, but if your partner is not ready to be intimate or prevents you from cuddling than understand, but if they too it too frequently maybe it time to leave.

I’ve had 3 x girlfriends who were narcissist and all of them didn’t like to cuddle.

I tried to convinced them but it didn’t work.

The only thing I can tell you is that, never ever push someone into anything physical if they say they are not ready or if they say that, they do not feel like it.

Another thing to consider, make sure you shower frequently and make sure you smell nice. Put on deodorant.

Both males and females like it when their partner smells good that why you need to make sure that you are clean.

Please don’t forget to wash your mouth and brush your teeth… no one can stand bad breath…


I have been abused and manipulated by narcissists all my life, I’m a full supporter of exposing them and getting justice or revenge if the evidence can be brought forward.

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