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Are narcissists jealous when you move on

Are narcissists jealous when you move on

Are narcissists jealous when you move on? Yes, they are very jealous… why? Because they thought they owned you.

When you are in an intimate relationship with a narcissist, they think they own you…

Narcissist are extremely controlling and they get very jealous once they realize that you can move on and find someone new.

Narcissist move on very quickly once they've found a new supply, but they get very jealous once they know that you also have found someone new.

They get more jealous once they realize that you are way happier than before.

Your exe narcissist may have a new supply but that doesn’t mean that they don’t stalk you on social media just to check up on you.

Does a narcissist get jealous even if they are the ones who discard you?

If the narcissist was the one that discarded you when they found a new supply, they won’t be too jealous even though they won’t be happy that you also have moved on.

If you are the one who initiated the break up than you need to know that they are not done with you.

If you are the one you discarded the narcissist than they will go full rage when they see you with somebody else.

If you discarded the narcist, just know that they are not done with you yet, according to your exe narcissist they still own you.

What makes a narcissist exe jealous?

There are a lot of things that makes a narcissist jealous… I’m going to list a few things bellow

  • Do not block them on WhatsApp and also do not block them on Facebook… but why? Because this shows them that you don’t give a damn. You are not butt hurt.
  • After you have broken up, make sure to ignore their text
  • If they discarded you, don’t chase them
  • Don’t act disparate, such as posting sad memes on Facebook or on your WhatsApp status
  • Only post happy pictures of yourself on Facebook… also make sure to post pictures of you having fun with your friends or family
  • Go no contact as soon as possible, don’t block them on social media but ignore them, read their WhatsApp text but make sure to not respond
  • Don’t answer their phone calls, this will make the narcissist rage and extremely jealous
  • Do not comment on their Facebook post and make sure to not comment on pictures they post with their new supply
  • Go to the gym and make sure to take pictures of you while in the gym than post those pictures on social media

Is it important to make a narcissist jealous?

Yes… narcissists are very shallow.

Meaning, they will be very jealous and angry as soon as they realize that you are not giving them any attention.

Narcissist only get jealous when they see that you are happy without them, they get extremely jealous once they realize that you are not grieving over them after you have broken up.

Do not waste your money trying to make a narcissist jealous…

Meaning, do not go on expensive vacations that you can’t afford just to make them jealous.

The only thing you need to do is to not give them attention and only post happy pictures of yourself.

How to make a narcissist jealous if you are an introvert?

If you are an introvert than make sure to take pictures of you with people of the opposite gender and make it seem friendly but not too sexual. don’t forget to post these pictures on social media.

Narcissist are not the same… but they all get jealous when they see that you are happy without them.

Please note: narcissist generally don’t really care about you, even if you do make them jealous.

You need to know that the narcissist was with you only because they saw you as a toy which they can play with, that is why most narcissists will discard their partners as soon as they find a new shiny toy to play with.

Narcissist are like children. They don’t know what they want and they also get bored very easily.

Is it a good thing to make a narcissist jealous?

Well, it fun making them jealous, it’s fun playing with their heads but don’t take it too far.

To be honest with you, the best thing to do is to reach your inner peace, forgive yourself, it was not your fault and let go.

It can be very hard letting go of a narcissist but it possible, it not easy but it can be done.

My story:

My X girlfriend was a covert narcissist, she emotionally abused me for almost a year than discarded me after finding a rich guy.

I was angry, sad and extremely depressed but slowly I healed… if you are going through the same thing, just know that it will get better. You are not alone. Do not try to get revenge.

I know how you feel, I’ve been in your shoes, I know you want justice and revenge, but please take my advice and move on.

To be honest with you, I’m also not fully healed, I’m still enrage over my exe narcissist but it better to emotionally let them go and live your life.

Narcissist are great manipulators, you need to be very careful if you want to step in to the manipulation ring with them.

When making the narcissist jealous, do not try too hard

Narcissist are masters of manipulation, if you try to manipulate them too hard, they will see your attempts at making them jealous a mile away lol.

If you try too hard, that will tell them that you are still in love with them and you are willing to get back with them.

Narcissists want to be the center on attention all the time, do not give them attention because that is also another form of narcissistic supply.

They feed over your anger, they feed over your sadness. So be very careful when trying to make the narcissist jealous.

If you want the narcissist to regret not being with you, the best way to do it is to move on and be happy. It won’t be easy but it possible.

Do narcissists even get jealous?

Yes, they do, they are also human beings.

There is a famous myth that narcissists do not feel anything which is not true, they are humans as well, they also get angry, sad and depressed.

I hope this article was helpful, good luck and god bless.


I have been abused and manipulated by narcissists all my life, I’m a full supporter of exposing them and getting justice or revenge if the evidence can be brought forward.

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