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Are narcissists controlling freaks?

Are narcissists controlling freaks?

Narcissists are extremely controlling… in this article, I’m going to list a few things a narcissist may try to do in order to control you.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you are in deep trouble. These people are like children, they give you silent treatment if you don’t do what they want.

Same goes with narcissists parents…

Silent treatment is by far the favorite tool for all narcissists because it is the best way to control you by ignoring you if you don’t do what they want.

Not all narcissist are the same but they are generally control freaks…

They expect things to go their way all the time, they don’t care about you or your feelings.

All narcissists tend to seek submissive partners that are easy to control and manipulate…

When a narcissist controls you, it makes them feel very powerful.

Be careful of these control freaks…

Please note: a narcissist will try to hide this from you in the beginning of the relationship.

Why do narcissists control their partners?

  • This makes them feel powerful
  • It makes them feel superior to know that they can easily manipulate and control others
  • They are like kids, they love to play and manipulate other people, this is another form of narcissistic supply
  • Their whole game revolves around control simple because control gives them authority… they believe that they own you

If you are dating a narcissists, these are the things they will do in order to try to control you

  • They want to see who are you chatting with on WhatsApp
  • They will try to control you by telling you who you should be friends with
  • They will tell you what to do
  • They will try to shame you if you don’t do what they tell you to do
  • They will give you expensive gifts to get you attached so they can control you
  • If you love going out with your friends. The narc will tell you to stop by telling you that your friends are not good for you
  • They act like victims all the time to make you feel sorry for them
  • When you first start dating, in the first few months, they will love bomb you in order to try to control you when the time comes
  • They think that they own you, to them, you are a new toy, but as soon as they find a new shiny toy, they will discard you because narcs are like children, they get bored very easily
  • They will give you silent treatment as another form of emotional abuse to try to make you do what they want
  • They will have sex with you only when they feel like it
  • They will tell you that you don’t spend enough time with them so you will be distant to your close friends and family

Narcissists females and narcissist males control their victims differently.

Are you dating a narcissist female? These are the things she will do to control you

  • She will make you believe that you are not enough
  • She will make you believe that you don’t make enough money
  • She doesn’t appreciate anything you do for her
  • She only calls you when she needs money…. Another way a female narcissist controls a guy is by using him for money. The more she uses you the more you do whatever she wants
  • She will make you believe that she doesn’t need you
  • She always threatens to leave you when having an argument
  • She will only have sex with you when she feels like it, this is another way female narcissists try to control their male partners
  • They will try to make you feel like you are not handsome

Are you dating a narcissists male? These are the things he will try to do in order to control you

  • He will give you silent treatment, male narcissists can ignore you for weeks if they want to, this is what they use when trying to control a woman they are in an intimate relationship with
  • They ignore your calls and get back to you after hours
  • They open your WhatsApp text but respond after hours… this is another form if manipulation…
  • He won’t allow you to speak to the opposite sex
  • If you talk to a guy you work with over the phone, they will guilt trip you by telling you that you are a whore
  • He will try to make you believe that you not are sexy enough
  • He will make you think that your weight is just too much for him, you won’t be thin enough no matter how hard you try
  • He will make you believe that you are not the prettiest women he has ever dated
  • He will tell you who to talk too, especially when it comes to the opposite sex
  • They won’t allow you to go out with your friends, they will shame you and make you feel like you are doing a bad thing not spending time with them
  • You are their toy, they will play you and manipulate you almost daily… there are no day off’s.
  • They want you to be perfect, this is another way male narcissists do to control their partners in order to make you do whatever they want you to do
  • He will borrow your car, and if you refuse to give him… you will get silence treatment until you give him the car keys…

If you have a narcissist mother or father, this is what they do to control you

  • They will ask you for money, and if you don’t give them, they will try to shame you by feeling sorry for them, this is another way a narcissist parent control their kids by shaming them in to doing what you want.  
  • They don’t support you emotionally, they don’t really care how you feel
  • They want you to comfort them every time they are sad but they don’t do the same to you
  • They won’t give you emotional support when you are feeling down or going through depression
  • They always complain about everything that you do, no matter how hard you try… this is another way a narcissist try to control you by making you feel like you are not doing enough
  • They want you to do all the house chores and if you don’t, they will shame you by telling you that you are not grateful for everything that they have done for you
  • they want to know how much you get paid, so they can manage your money for you

if you have a narcissist boss, these are the things he/she will do to control you

  • Your narc boss will make you work long hours
  • Your boss will emotionally abuse you because he/she knows that you won’t have nothing in court to sue them
  • No matter how hard you try, they are not grateful, they make you believe that what ever you did is not enough
  • They will manipulate you by making you believe that they don’t need you
  • They will try to get you depressed if they see that you have a happy life, most narcissist bosses are extremely miserable and they try to abuse their employees to make them self’s feel better
  • They will make you work on weekends if they see that you love to spend quality time with your friends on your day off.


I have been abused and manipulated by narcissists all my life, I’m a full supporter of exposing them and getting justice or revenge if the evidence can be brought forward.

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