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Are covert narcissists loners

Are covert narcissists loners

So, are covert narcissists really loners? Hell yes, they are.

Please note: Coverts narcissists are not the same but about 90% percent of covert narcissists are definitely loners.

Covert narcissists are kind of introvert…

What does introvert mean? It means, a person who avoid large groups of people.

Generally, A covert narcissist doesn’t have a lot of friends, covert feel more energized by being alone most of the time.

If you meet a covert narcissist for the first time, they will appear to be very humble and sometimes they look very shy when you meet them for the first time.

Are covert narcissists lonely or loners?

They are definitely loners.

They are alone most of the time and they are super lonely at the same time. that is why 90% of narcissists are extremely controlling when you are in an intimate relationship with them.

Are covert narcissists really alone most of the time?

Yes. covert narcissists are alone most of the time, why? Because that is when they think deep about strategies they will use to manipulate others in order to get what they want.

A covert narcissist is by far the most dangerous narcissists because they appear to be very shy and humble on the public.

10 reasons why most coverts narcissists are loners

  1. They are good when it comes to stabbing other people in the back, they need some time alone in order to think about ways they can use to blackmail others.
  2. They don’t like to yell, shout or break things when they are angry, they like to be alone so they can regroup during their rage.
  3. They need a lot of time to find ways of getting narcissistic supply from other family members, coworkers, friends or people they are in an intimate relationship with.
  4. They are not good when it comes to finding friends, they cannot work well in a group of people because it much harder to manipulate a lot of people at the same time…
  5. They always play victim, they have a very hard time mingling with other people because they always complain since they are looking for sympathy from others in other to manipulate them by acting vulnerable.
  6. They love to use other people, they love to get things for free without giving anything in return, people have a hard time being friends with coverts as they always use other people to get what they want.
  7. They only become friends with the people they want to use and abuse, most people will run away as soon as they realized that the covert narcissist is an emotional drainer.
  8. They have a scarcity mindset, they don’t like to give back, they don’t like to make a difference, they always want to benefit from anyone they meet…

    it is never a win win situation with a covert narc… they only want to benefit without giving anything back… that is why they have a hard time having friends that last.
  9. Covert narcissists are extremely selfish, who would want to be friends with a super selfish person? That is why they are loners, no one likes to be friends with them…
  10. They are loners because they drain others, they drain people emotionally and financially, who would like to be friends with a person who drains them emotionally?

Coverts narcissists are loners simple because people don’t like to hang out with them as soon as they realized that they are dealing with a narcissist.

Would you be friends with a someone you just found out is a covert narcissist? Hell no… that is why they seem to be loners, it simple because people don’t like spending time with emotional drainers.

Does a covert narcissist have real friends?

They do have friends but they don’t do a great job of keeping friends, simple because they are too manipulative and they always drain others emotionally.

Covert narcissists friendships don’t last for long, why? Because they abuse people emotionally… they are extremely good when it comes to manipulating people around them.

I love having friends, but I don’t like having friends that emotionally drain me… same with other people… a covert narcissist only wants narcissistic supply, they will never help or comfort you emotionally.

Can a covert narcissist change?

Hell no…

A covert narcissist will never change… no matter how hard you try to change them, they will never change.

Even if you give them everything that could ever wish for, they will still use you, manipulate you and emotionally drain you.

I was dating a covert female narcissist and I tried almost everything to change her, I gave her everything a woman could ever wish for but still it wasn’t enough.

My covert narcissist exe was also a loner, no one wanted to be her friend, she used to change friends every 2 months simple because other females couldn’t stand her. she always blamed others for her mistakes and she used to play victim even when she was wrong.


Coverts narcs Who Like to Be Alone Have These 5 Special personality Traits.

1. They value their time, they will never spend time with you for free, they will only go out with you if you are going to pay for the meal or drinks unless they are love bombing you.

When you are feeling down, they will never come to see you just to supports you emotionally, they don’t even care when you are suffering from depression... they value their time a lot.

2. They are self-aware… they know that they are narcissist and they are proud of it…

Many people choose to ignore their thoughts and emotions, but coverts choose to embrace these things, this helps them understand those around them so they can manipulate them easily.

3.They are Level headed, they are extremely good when it comes to manipulating others emotionally.

If you want to get in to a ring with them by trying to make the covert narc jealous or trying to make them angry, they will beat you... you can’t beat them at their own game.

They are weak emotionally but they are extremely strong when it comes to playing mind games.

If you make them angry, they prefer some time alone so they can recharge and find ways to make you angrier.

4. They are open minded… they love new challenges.

Even though coverts are mostly alone, they are always up for new ideas such as new ways of manipulating their kids, spouse and other people close to them.

5. They are like children, coverts are extremely childish, they act like young kids who don’t know what they want.

They really don’t know what they want… you are like a toy to them, they will discard you as soon as they find a new toy that gives them narcissistic supply.


I have been abused and manipulated by narcissists all my life, I’m a full supporter of exposing them and getting justice or revenge if the evidence can be brought forward.

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